Great internet videos about the City of Philadelphia

Yay, Philadelphia! There is a new campaign on the scene promoting the City of Philadelphia and the video features lots of clapping and whooshes. Discover PHL. [3 minutes]

Timelapse of Diner en Blanc Philadelphia at Logan Square, the whitest and most magical picnic I’ve ever been too. All’s well when the entire party ends up in the fountain. [48 seconds]

Klip Collective‘s amazing Meadow 1.0 installation at Bartram’s Garden, part of Data Garden‘s The Switched-On Garden 002. I felt like I had stepped into The X-Files. Another favorite event from 2012. [60 seconds]

Storyteller R. Eric Thomas‘ hilarious TEDxPhilly talk about his early perception of the City of Brotherly Love (somewhere in-between the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Philadelphia, the movie). [8 minutes]

A video honoring Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter for the design leadership that he has demonstrated in transforming Philadelphia into a city focused on smart design and sustainability. Makes you excited about Philadelphia’s future. Love the way the city looks. [4 minutes]

A guy rides his bike around the city with his cat on his shoulder because that is the kind of thing hipsters do, and it’s true, his cat can probably ride a bike better than you can. That cat rules! [4 minutes]

And for a little perspective, music videos for rapper Meek Mill’s Ima Boss and Bike Life Philadelphia, a wild look at ATV riding in the city. This actually happens. Keeping it real and dangerous. [5 minutes]


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